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Archive For June, 2007

Ratmaze 2 Speed Run

June 16, 2007 9:18 AM | Tim W.

Click on the image below to get the entire map for Ratmaze 2.

Fedora Spade Episodes 1 and 2

June 16, 2007 9:08 AM | Tim W.

Fedora Spade is a multi-episode detective adventure game with an 8-bit aesthetic, by the author of Missing. It can be described as a mix of Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom and Phoenix Wright. The first two episodes have been released.

Name: Fedora Spade
Developer: RPGCreations
Category: Adventure/Detective.
Type: Freeware

Plasma Warrior

June 16, 2007 8:18 AM | Tim W.

Plasma Warrior is the latest platformer by Tom Vine, creator of the excellent Paroxysm which was released a few months earlier. This particular effort uses only seven colors, though no less professional than his last work. Your task is to guide a robot on an exploration mission to uncover the mystery of an abandoned mining operation.

Use the cursor keys to move, press the shift key to jump and hold the left control key to shoot. The down arrow key can be used to read signs or enter doors as well. Press the alternate and enter key at the same time to switch between full screen and windowed mode.

Name: Plasma Warrior
Developer: Tom Vine
Category: Platform
Type: Freeware
Size: 1MB

Ratmaze 2

June 16, 2007 8:08 AM | Tim W.

The lovable rodent from Pixeljam's original maze adventure returns for another go at navigating a dastardly tricky labyrinth in Ratmaze 2, on a quest to nibble down every single piece of cheese or edible material it could sink it's teeth into.

The first maze is made playable in this version as well, and a scroll mode can now be activated for a clearer view of the rat's surroundings. Expect to encounter puzzles such as those that requires pushing objects into certain areas or finding false walls to uncover hidden passages.

Name: Ratmaze 2
Developer: Pixeljam
Category: Action
Type: Browser


June 15, 2007 9:18 AM | Tim W.

Image of a boss from Ether Vapor posted; perhaps one made for this encounter. [Ether Vapor review]

New metablog update; Joakim's start page has a new image.

There's a playable Cave Story interface made specifically for an upcoming fan work.

La Croix Pan gets a new update which speeds up the main character's movement. [La Croix Pan review]

Stompy, both blokes from Ovine by Design and Graham were recently interviewed by Auld Games.

Seems like Krobon Station is serious about their upcoming tennis arcade game. [preview, Mogura 2 review]

Alonso Martin is looking for beta testers for his new platformer, Heart Forth, Alicia.

[pictured left to right, Krobon Station's tennis game, screenshot from Heart Forth, Alicia]

Vector Tower Defense

June 15, 2007 8:18 AM | Tim W.

Vector TD is a new flash tower defence game by David Scott, creator of the popular Flash Element TD, as well as Flash Circle TD. It takes the standard tower defence gameplay and adds stylish vector graphics, multiple maps, four strategic tower types with ten upgrade levels, and special bonus "power-up" towers that increase the range or damage of all nearby towers.

The obtrusive advertisement before the game starts is unfortunate, but if you can past that, the game itself is quite a lot of fun.

Name: Vector Tower Defence
Developer: David Scott
Category: Real Time Strategy/Tower Defence
Type: Browser Game

The Adventures of Cagney

June 15, 2007 8:08 AM | Tim W.

The Adventures of Cagney is a short 'Choose Your Own Adventure' novel playable online with plenty of images to accompany each turn of the page.

Exploring every single scene won't take longer than fifteen minutes, though the author had included additional bonus content to reward adventurers brave enough to survive until the very end.

Name: The Adventures of Cagney
Developer: Rey Ortega
Category: Adventure
Type: Browser Revealed

June 12, 2007 2:08 PM | Tim W.

Kevin's post about the new

Just revisited, haven't been there in a while but the blog used to make me chuckle alot. Anyway, the world has gone crazy and it's become a game portal! Crikey!

Graham interviews Bob Fearon

June 12, 2007 9:18 AM | Tim W.

Graham has added an informal second interview to his site, with Bob Fearon of Mersey Remakes. It's a whopping 34MB and nearly 50 minutes long, but is, as usual, well worth the download!


Last Scenario Walkthrough

June 12, 2007 9:08 AM | Tim W.

ProfPuppet's Last Scenario walkthrough (near spoiler-free) is now available in both text and zip format. As described by the man himself:

It's around 70 pages and should cover almost everything a player could want. The only improvements I could make at this point would be triple-checking for errors, listing two optional boss general strategies I missed, all boss strategies, all item descriptions/locations, editing for consistency, and a complete enemy bestiary, but I'll only do that if a bunch of people want it.

The document contains:
- walkthrough for the main plot
- information about all optional content
- every single boss/reward/hex/items which can be stolen
- a listing of spellcards (unique and highest stat percentage bonus cards)
- location and method of acquiring each Hex card

ProfPuppet's contact details can be found in the document, should you feel the inclination to thank the author for all his efforts.

[Last Scenario review]

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