ProfPuppet's Last Scenario walkthrough (near spoiler-free) is now available in both text and zip format. As described by the man himself:

It's around 70 pages and should cover almost everything a player could want. The only improvements I could make at this point would be triple-checking for errors, listing two optional boss general strategies I missed, all boss strategies, all item descriptions/locations, editing for consistency, and a complete enemy bestiary, but I'll only do that if a bunch of people want it.

The document contains:
- walkthrough for the main plot
- information about all optional content
- every single boss/reward/hex/items which can be stolen
- a listing of spellcards (unique and highest stat percentage bonus cards)
- location and method of acquiring each Hex card

ProfPuppet's contact details can be found in the document, should you feel the inclination to thank the author for all his efforts.

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