A new version of OHRRPGCE, a flexible open source RPG engine, has been released in the last week. Titled "Ubersetzung", this is the first stable build in over a year, and is the first build to drop DOS support.

The biggest changes in this release are (to quote from the website):

  • New Music Formats. In addition to BAM [the native OHRRPGCE format] and MIDI, you can also play MP3, OGG, MOD, XM, S3M and IT.

  • New sample game: Fenrir Lunaris's modern retro epic fantasy masterpiece "Vikings of Midgard".

  • Multiple improvements to the scripting language and game editor.

Some OHRRPGCE projects that you may have heard of:
Wandering Hamster - James Paige [OHRRPGCE Founder]
Boundless Ocean - Hardi "Orchard-L" Gosal
Missing - Hardi "Orchard-L" Gosal
Sword of Jade - Kevin "Charbile" Loan, Michael "Fyrewulff" Kidder