Note: Updated to version 1.01. (patch)

Dyson is a real-time strategy / colonization game in which you must take control of an entire asteroid belt. You start as a single seedling that produces a tree on your starting asteroid. Your tree in turn produces new and unique seedlings which can be used to conquer other asteroids. However, the astro belt features up to ten AI opponents that provide fierce resistance and have their own drive for conquest. To defeat them you have to explore the strategic possibilites of the game. Eventually you can build up very large armies of 400 or more seedlings and witness some epic battles. With the exception of the music and sounds, and the font, almost all of the game content is generated procedurally.

An in-game tutorial is included to teach you the basics. If you don't have a mouse wheel, the cursor keys and page up/down also control the camera.

Dyson is created by Alex May and Rudolf Kremers, with music and sound by Brian Grainger (Milieu). The game requires the .NET 2.0 Framework to run.

[This game is one of the entries into TIGSource's Procedural Generation contest.]

Name: Dyson
Developers: Alex May, Rudolf Kremers, Brian Grainger
Category: RTS
Type: Freeware
Size: 10MB
Direct download link: Click here (right-click to save)