Rockman 7-FC is a project to port the gameplay of Rockman 7 from the 16-bit SNES style to the 8-bit NES-style gameplay. Tap the X key rapidly to shoot, hold the same button to charge up for a special attack, and press the Z key to jump. Hold the down cursor key and the jump button at the same time to slide.

Use the Q key to access your inventory and swap abilities, or press the R key to reset back to the introductory screen at any time. Abilities can be switched using the A and S keys as well. Players start out with Rush Coil, the robotic dog which can be called upon to launch you higher than your normal jumps.

The configuration file can be used to change window size. Press the print screen button on the keyboard to capture a screenshot at any time, which is then saved as a new bitmap file in the game folder automatically. This feature can be very useful when typing in your password to resume your progress. (FAQs)

Name: Rockman7-FC
Developer: Mend (2ch)
Category: Platformer
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB
Direct download link: Click here

Rockman 7-FC, Freezeman stage

Rockman 7, Freezeman stage (SNES version)