July Monthly Round-Up: The July edition of GameTunnel's regular feature is up.

Ginormo Sword: Links to a complete walkthrough, the wiki and fan art for Babarageo's popular 2D RPG game added.

Free Games

GamesRadar: 365 games for each day of the year compiled into a ten-page article. (source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun).

Freewaregenius: A collection of freeware games lists for your perusal.


Commerce Unread: Richard Hofmeier (The Jackyard) will be releasing a new retail simulation game at the end of this month.

Quest for Glory II: AGD Interactive's latest remake project is inching extremely close to a public release. (outdated trailer)

Shivah 2: Dave Gilbert will begin working on a sequel to Wadjet Eye Games' first commercial venture sometime next year.

Notes on Game Dev: Erin Robinson has a new monthly column about commercial game development posted on the NoGD web site.

Ben Jordan Case 7: A new trailer for Grundislav's long-running detective series is up. The game will be out this August 12th, 2008. (AGS thread)

Space Quest II remake: Infamous Adventures' second major release is very close to the finishing line. (project page, King's Quest III)

Game Maker

Calamity Annie: dessgeega's latest action game will be released this August 1st, 2008.

The Thrill of Combat: Screenshot from messhof's next game posted.

Varia: Kairos will release his new multiplayer strategy game before the end of next month.


Fedora Spade: The OST is now available for download. Episode 4 will be released sometime next week. (forum thread)

Tormishire: The official soundtrack for James Whitehead's upcoming 2D platformer is available for purchase.


Rockman 7-FC: The final version for this fan-made project is out, and the developer(s) have now turned their attention to remaking the eighth game in the series.

Stick Ranger: ha55ii's new RPG updated to version 1.1.

Gun Mute: Pacian had released an updated version of his western-themed IF.


Castle Crashers: The Behemoth's upcoming XBLA game will be out sometime next month. (new screenshots)

Baseline: Paul Cunningham (Alien Abduction) is currently working on a new arena shooter. (gameplay video)

BLUR: New racing game to debut on InstantAction announced. (screenshots)

George's Squizzy Griffin: New screenshot from Oddbob and Scottige's collaborative project posted.


Iji: New trailer for Daniel Remar's upcoming action game uploaded.

Clockwork: Preview videos for Mike Bithell's new steampunk adventure posted.

The P Project: A video showing the current status of this promising Powermonger remake can be found on Nick Anderson's development journal.


DROD RPG: The next Caravel Games production will be out real soon. (FAQ)

Zen Puzzle Garden: Joseph White is considering an iPhone port for one of Lexaloffle Games' earliest releases.

Love: The two-part video walkthrough for Fred Wood's 2D platformer Love is available for viewing online.

Karoshi: An interview with Jesse Venbrux can be found inside the pages of MarkUp magazine issue 14.

Highway Holocaust: The first of Joe Dever's Freeway Warrior series is now available for download from Project Aon. (Hyena)