Sense of Wonder Night: GameSetWatch had posted a link to the news release for the inaugural Tokyo Game Show event, packed with information about date, time, venue, submission guidelines and judging panel. (source)

Braid: Number None's debut XBLA release has passed certification.


Galcon: The multiplayer version of Phil Hassey's popular strategy game will be arriving on InstantAction soon.

Dyson: The official web site for Alex May and Rudolf Kremers' real-time strategy game is live.

Chronometer: Details about Introversion Software's sixth game revealed.


PillowFort: The developer of Goo! has announced a new game currently in development.

Thunder Force VI: TecnoSoft will be releasing the sixth installment for the PS2 in Japan this October 30th, 2008.

Eden's Aegis: Version 0.20 released; two out of the five stages planned for the final release are now playable in the latest build. (direct download link)

War Bus II: The sequel to Oddbob's unforgiving arena shooter is in the works. (RPS article)


Rockman 7 Famicom: All remixed songs featured in the remake are available for download from the Rockman Perfect Memories web site. (Rockman 7-FC)

The White Chamber: The entire 360 MB source code pack for Studio Trophis' debut release is now available for download.

Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld: Lo-Fi Minds' much-awaited platformer will be released sometime before the end of 2008.


Stair Dismount 2: New technology test video.

Praragas: Concept art for the sequel to Miestas. (background sketch)

Fedora Spade 4: Preview clip from Orchard-L's investigative series.

Spectrum Spelunker: Gameplay clip from one of Shindig's competition entries.


Robotology: New info on Metanet Software's next game has surfaced.

Cortex Command: Development work on the Mac port is progressing smoothly, but no release date has been revealed yet.

Eschalon Book II: Thomas Riegsecker of Basilisk Games interviewed by RPGWatch. (source: Rampant Games) Alex Amsel will be discussing the pros and cons of developing your game for a specific platform over the course of the next few days.

Yume Nikki: The official web site for Kikiyama's Earthbound-inspired adventure game was recently updated after an eight-month hiatus, but no new information has been revealed as of this time.

Buster: The developer of Akuji the Demon is working on a new game.

World of Goo: The PC version of 2DBoy's debut release might possibly be distributed on Steam.