Soundless Mountain II is a NES-style remake of Konami's Silent Hill 2 created by Jasper Byrne for TIGSource's demakes competition, where the story is centered around the protagonist's search for his missing wife Kate in a seemingly-deserted old town. The adventure starts off slow as players are introduced to the use red squares to save their progress, interaction methods with objects and also initiating conversations with characters. Combat begins soon after you've discovered a weapon to protect yourself against the enemies you will face in this game.

Use the Z key to examine items, select an option or strike at an enemy with a weapon. Press the X key to enter or exit combat mode, or to cancel a selection. The M key is used to display your map, while pressing the space key allows players to access the inventory screen.

This remake holds more of a nostalgic value than anything else, as most of the scenes will confuse players who are unfamiliar with the revered cult classic. The meeting with Pyramid Head does not happen here as well, since the game ends abruptly after you've made your way into the run-down apartment.

Name: Soundless Mountain II
Developer: Jasper Byrne
Category: Action, Adventure
Type: Demo
Size: 20MB
Direct download link: Click here