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Archive For October, 2008

Preview: Machinarium (Destructoid)

October 8, 2008 3:40 AM | Tim W.

Chad Concelmo had posted a lengthy preview of Amanita Design's upcoming 2D adventure game Machinarium, right after spending some time with an early playable build at the IndieCade section of the E for All Expo in Los Angeles, California.

IndieCade will be held at Open Satellite next (in Bellevue, Washington) from October 10th to 17th.

Interesting tidbit from the article:

"..the game runs on a screen-to-screen basis, so every item you collect is found and used within the same screen – there is no need to carry anything with you or backtrack at all."

Machinarium: The best game you (most likely) have never heard of (Destructoid)
E for All 2008: Indiecade: Stupid Name, Cool Games (GotGame)

Freeware Game Pick: Waxy's Sushi Party (Hive)

October 8, 2008 3:05 AM | Tim W.

Waxy's Sushi Party is an action game created by the developer of Ark 22, where you assume control of the titular character as he attempts to juggle between serving orders, preparing restaurant bills and chalking up customer tips, all carried out at the same time.

Circles representing orders will pass through each coloured zone on the service plate, and players would have to press the right key when an order is inside the zone with the same colour. Orders in white can be taken in zones with any colour. Bills will also appear on the right side of the screen, and you'd have to quickly sum up the total using the numpad and enter key before time runs out. Fail at this task and their rank at the end of the day will be lowered. Waxy will be fired from his job if he acquires anything less than a C rank.

Explanations for tips, mood meters, bonus orders and presents can be found in the special section titled lessons. The game is well-presented but might come across as being too complicated, considering that there are up to twenty different buttons to use when handling the responsibilities of managing a sushi restaurant.

Name: Waxy's Sushi Party
Developer: Srehpog
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 10MB
Direct download link: Click here

Interviews: Metanet, Jonathan Blow

October 7, 2008 7:57 AM | Tim W.

Links to some of the recent interviews with prolific or high-profile indie game developers of today:

GWLog: Metanet (text)
Raigan and Mare on N, N+, Metanet's history, freeware games, and indie game development.

Joystiq: Jonathan Blow (text)
Jonathan Blow answering a few questions about Braid and future plans.

Fidgit: Kivi's Underworld (text)
Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment revealing more about their follow-up project to Depths of Peril.

Casualty Gamer: Overgrowth Developer Interview (text)
Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games interviewed by Casualty Gamer. (Zeno Clash interview)

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Mount & Blade Interview (text)
TaleWorld's lead developer Armagan Yavuz speaks to Kieron Gillen about their open-ended RPG.

Dev.Mag: Mark Morris (pdf)
Featuring an interview with the managing director of Introversion Software. Magazine is a free download.

SavyGamer Podcast: Introversion Software (audio)
Chris Delay and Thomas Arundel talking about Multiwinia, DRM and projects in development.

Browser Game Pick: The Eyeballing Game (Matthias Wandel)

October 7, 2008 7:14 AM | Tim W.

The Eyeballing Game is a series of geometric tests designed for measuring your ability to estimate the correct angles and centers of each shape or line shown. Move the blue square using the mouse to a position stated by the text at the top of the window, then release the button to find out how much you've missed the right spot from the answer displayed at the bottom of the screen. A green square will appear and point out the correct location after you've made your guess.

There are seven different tests in total, and each challenge has to be done three times over before the final score is calculated and allowed to be submitted online.

Name: The Eyeballing Game
Developer: Matthias Wandel
Category: Puzzle
Type: Browser

Toribash 3.5 Released

October 7, 2008 7:01 AM | Tim W.

change list
Toribash download page

Cave Story WiiWare Site is Up

October 7, 2008 6:37 AM | Tim W.

Surprise, surprise - the official site for Cave Story WiiWare is now up and running. There's a new arrangement of the Moonsong track to listen to, four screenshots, wallpapers, a message from Pixel, and a link to Nicalis' blog.

Wallpapers are randomized based on IP addresses, although all six are available for download from the Cave Story LJ.

Cave Story WiiWare site
Nicalis' blog
message from Shih Tzu (Cave Story LJ)

Interview: Pixel, Tyrone Rodriguez (Nicalis)

October 6, 2008 3:18 PM | Tim W.

GoNintendo had posted an exclusive interview with Tyrone Rodriguez (Nicalis, producer) and Pixel, although only three questions were really answered by the developer of Cave Story himself. In regards to the topic of remixed music which has been discussed by many, here's what Mr. T has to say about it:

"The WiiWare version of Cave Story features all-new music rearranged by Yann van der Cruyssen. He’s worked with Nicklas (Nygren) in the past and we’ve really liked working with him. We’ve paid very close attention to stay as faithful as possible to the original music. Each track is passed off while in-progress state to Amaya so that he can review and approve it.

Yes, the old music and graphics will both be retained via a switch. You’ll also be able to mix-and-match audio and visuals. So, if you like the old art and new music, or vice versa, you can do it. Cave Story has a huge fanbase, we’re aware of that and want to make sure that it’s true to what they expect and Pixel-approved. If they don’t like the new art or music, we won’t be offended and they can play the game in its original state."

The Cave Story interview - Tyrone Rodriguez and Pixel

Ngmoco, IGF Team Up To Offer $10,000 'Best iPhone Game' Prize

October 6, 2008 2:59 PM | Simon Carless

[Hey, folks, we're really pleased to be announcing this new IGF Mobile partnership with the good folks at ngmoco - so there's now almost $30,000 in prizes, including an exclusive $10k 'Best iPhone Game' prize (and free GDC 2009 tickets, of course). So if you're making iPhone games, take note - it's free to enter IGF Mobile this year, too.]

Think Services, organizers of the Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival, have entered a new partnership with high-profile iPhone game publisher ngmoco. The deal will add a $10,000 'Best iPhone Game' prize to 2009's Independent Games Festival Mobile, and increase the maximum amount of prizes in the hotly contested indie mobile competition to a record $30,000.

The partnership with ngmoco, the Kleiner Perkins-funded iPhone publisher co-founded by former EA executive Neil Young, includes a Gold Sponsorship of the IGF Mobile event, which is now in its second year. The mobile-centric indie event, originally created by Think Services and Founding Sponsor Nvidia, is expanding to include iPhone games this year.With last year's Grand Prize winner Critter Crunch already a successful title on Apple's handheld, organizers are expecting a surge in iPhone game entries.

“ngmoco is proud to support the independent development community and burgeoning micro-studios who are dedicated to creating device defining “only on iPhone” games”, Alan Yu, Vice President, Artist & Repertoire, ngmoco, said. “As gamemakers, we’ve long admired the IGF for showcasing and highlighting innovation and independent thinking in games.”

iPhone developers entering their games will be eligible for all IGF Mobile categories, which also include game design, art, technical and audio awards, a Best Game award, and other major prizes. In addition, entry into IGF Mobile is free this year, meaning it's easy for 'bedroom programmers' and upwardly mobile indies alike to enter the competition.

The finalists in the 'Best iPhone Game' category will be invited to showcase their games on the expo floor at the industry-leading Game Developers Conference 2009, to be held in San Francisco from March 23th-27th, 2009. In addition, the winners of the category will be revealed onstage at the special IGF Mobile awards ceremony at GDC 2009, and also highlighted at the flagship Independent Games Festival Awards event at the show.

"We're delighted to be working with ngmoco to help discover the best iPhone games out there," commented Simon Carless, Chairman, Independent Games Festival. "We're starting to see open platforms and innovation spread indie goodness into fascinating new places, and highlighting worthy, high quality iPhone games is something that will benefit both discerning consumers and developers."

In addition to the IGF Mobile sponsorship, ngmoco has also partnered as the exclusive sponsor of Think Services' new iPhone and iPod Touch-specific weblog, FingerGaming. The site, one of the leading outlets in the rapidly expanding space, covers business announcements, gaming news, trends, and impressions regarding games for Apple's touchscreen handheld.

For more information on IGF Mobile and entering this year’s competition, for which the deadline is November 17th, please visit the IGF Mobile website.

Browser Game Pick: Meat Boy (Edmund McMillen)

October 6, 2008 5:10 AM | Tim W.

Note: Contains nudity, strong language and graphic scenes.

Meat Boy is a challenging platformer created by the developer of Gish, Aether and Coil, where players assume control of a nimble protagonist who must scale the walls of each area and reach Bandaid Girl to complete a level. Use the cursor keys to move, and press the space key to jump. Wall jumps can also be executed by tapping the same key when hugging a wall.

Levels are grouped in sets of five, and players would only need to beat three areas out of every set to unlock the next five stages in the list.

Name: Meat Boy
Developers: Edmund McMillen, Jonathan McEntee, Danny Baranowsky
Category: Platformer
Type: Browser
Direct download link: Click here

Preview: Cave Story (Wii)

October 5, 2008 8:06 PM | Tim W.

IGN had posted three HD preview vids recorded from the upcoming WiiWare version of Cave Story. Each clip is about a minute long.

download low res video 1 (polar star)
download low res video 2 (silver locket)
download low res video 3

note: right-click on video links to save

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