From Primordial Egg is a Commonplace Book competition entry created by Logan Ames, developer of the exploration platformer Nothing. Starting out as a baby dinosaur inside an egg, players would have to press a button repeatedly to break the shell and venture forth into the labyrinth for food.

Use the Z key to bite, press the X key to kick out, and hold the C key to jump. You can run by tapping the left or right arrow key twice, which helps increase the jump distance. Enemies receive more damage from bites, and chomping on them once they're lying on the ground restores health by a small margin. Evolution is also gained through eating, with eager chompers shifting from one growth phase to another quicker than a player who avoids confrontation with the archaeologists.

You can restart a level at any time by pressing the F2 function key. A short ending is shown after you've completed the game, but like most Commonplace Book competition entries (e.g. Verge) it hardly rewards the player with anything other than a congratulatory screen after all the key presses their fingers had to endure.

Name: From Primordial Egg
Developer: Logan Ames
Category: Platformer
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB
Direct download link: Click here