Life of D. Duck 2 is a full-length AGS adventure game which has taken nearly three years to develop, featuring a wacky cast of characters to interact with, numerous screens to explore, multiple GUIs, and more than twenty chiptunes for your listening pleasure. The unusual art style and meticulously-animated sprites are the contribution of Bjørnar B, an artist who happens to have an unhealthy obsession with drawing popular Disney characters.

As different as the game looks when compared to other AGS releases, there are only two notable drawbacks to be found here. The graphics will put off many people from even downloading it in the first place, especially when taking the large file size into consideration. The odd font choice can be difficult to read at times, while text descriptions and conversations are riddled with many spelling and grammatical mistakes. But these so-called problems are actually intentional design decisions, evidently demonstrated by the colorful inventory items in your possession, the well-written text manual, a complete walkthrough with zero typos, and the inclusion of a reverse text feature in the options menu. Use the F1 or F5 function key to access this menu or view game statistics.

The full walkthrough can be found in the extras folder, should you require hints on how to solve a particular puzzle.

Name: Life of D. Duck II
Developers: Audun R, Bjornar B
Category: Adventure
Type: Freeware
Size: 70MB

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