Note: This is an unfinished build with no ending screen yet. There is no indication as to when the game will be completed (which is also the case with most of Ikiki's works).

Teppomanto is a new 2D action game created by the author of Nikujin and Teppoman, where players assume control over another naked assassin on a mission to infiltrate the enemy base and take out all adversaries within.

Use the cursor keys to move, press the left control key to attack or shoot, and hold the left shift key to jump. Tap the left or right arrow key twice to make your character run in either direction. If you dash near the edge of a platform and hold the shift key when in midair, the trained killer will extend his cape and attempt to glide slowly back to the ground. Press the down arrow key to open treasure chests or swap weapons.

Strangely enough, but not for the first time, the J key can also be used to commit suicide. You will also need to execute intricate wall jumps and reverse jumps to reach certain areas in the game. (unzip instructions, download mirrors)

Name: Teppomanto
Developer: Ikiki
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 1MB