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Archive For November, 2008

Browser Game Pick: Minotaur China Shop (Flashbang)

November 24, 2008 8:12 PM | Tim W.

Minotaur China Shop is a new physics-based time management game from the folks who made Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Jetpack Brontosaurus. In it, players can choose either to serve the needs of their customers by fetching the goods they request for, or destroy as many fragile objects in the shop as they can before the local enforcement arrives to arrest our protagonist for misbehaviour.

Your hard-earned cash can be spent on stocking up shop inventory, advertising, more insurance coverage, improving physical abilities and even unlocking new moves at the start of each day. Each ability is assigned to a key, with the corresponding alphabet shown in small text at the bottom left corner of a symbol for every move.

The game is currently in closed beta but should be released very soon.

Name: Minotaur China Shop
Developer: Flashbang Studios
Category: Action
Type: Browser

Freeware Game Pick: Unattended Luggage (Terry Cavanagh)

November 24, 2008 7:58 PM | Tim W.

Unattended Luggage is a short action game where players would have to collect all packages in each room to progress from one stage to another. The task is made slightly difficult by airport security personnels who are out to prevent you from carrying out your given objective, although dodging around them requires nothing more than a bit of skill and luck.

Use the cursor keys to move, and press the space key to advance cutscene text. The game will probably take about five minutes to beat.

Name: Unattended Luggage
Developer: Terry, increpare and Alteisentier
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 5MB
Direct download link: Click here

Freeware App Pick: theRelativity (Jun Fujiki)

November 22, 2008 9:18 AM | Tim W.


theRelativity is a funky little 3D application created by the developer of OLE Coordinate System, the engine which SCEJ's Echochrome was originally based on. Virtual characters are now placed inside cubes instead of above them, and selecting any of the four modes will affect the shape of the corridors from the autonomous character's view.

The original mode resembles Echochrome and OLE Coordinate System the most, while translation mode works by joining up two cubes at the exact moment a character moves from one cube to another. Deformation mode attempts to draw the connecting corridors in 3D global view to reflect the actual pathway taken by the virtual character, while impossible object mode will draw impossible shapes in the style of M. C. Escher's artworks to connect corridors, even when such a shape could not exist in natural form. You can quickly switch between modes by using the F1 to F4 function keys as well.

Name: theRelativity
Developer: Jun Fujiki
Category: Application
Type: Freeware
Size: 1MB
Direct download link: Click here

Browser Game Pick: Pragaras (Jurgis, Teshla and Jurgis)

November 21, 2008 9:51 PM | Tim W.

From the development team that gave us Menulis and Miestas comes Pragaras, a new 2D exploration game with more confusing and beguiling elements than its predecessors. Players can now shift between two different forms by using the briefcase icon, an action which is necessary in order to solve some of the puzzles in this adventure.

Use the cursor keys to move, press the Z key to to review your inventory items and hold the X key to interact with people or objects which are close to your character. Note that the game contains imagery which may be considered disturbing by some. (walkthrough)

Name: Pragaras
Developers: Teshla, Jurgis (turbo) and Jurgis
Category: Adventure
Type: Browser

Freeware Game Pick: Paper Moon (Infinite Ammo)

November 21, 2008 10:21 AM | Tim W.

Paper Moon is a short platformer which lasts for only five minutes, featuring artwork by the developer of Nano and Gravity Hook. In it, players run through a couple of small levels in search of apples, bananas and cherries for points before time runs out.

Use the arrow keys to move, press the space key to jump and tap the X key to bring objects to the foreground or background. The O, P, K and L keys can be used to adjust the 3D effects. Hold the Left Alt and F4 key to quit with immediate effect.

Name: Paper Moon
Developers: Infinite Ammo, Adam Saltsman
Category: Platformer
Type: Freeware
Platform: Windows, Mac
Size: 20MB
Direct download link: Click here

Freeware Game Pick: Super Hypercube (Kokoromi)

November 21, 2008 6:20 AM | Tim W.


Super HYPERCUBE is a puzzle game based on the concept of fitting 3D shapes into a hole in the wall, simply by rotating the cluster of cubes around to find the correct orientation. Instructions are provided for the Xbox 360 controller, although the keyboard can be used to play as well. Use the W, A, S, D, Q and E keys to adjust the camera view. Press any of the arrow keys to rotate the cube, and hold the space key to drop a cluster immediately.

Developer: Renaud Bédard
Category: Puzzle
Type: Freeware
SIze: 2MB
Direct download link: Click here (.NET Framework 3.5 required)

Round-Up: Gamasutra Network Jobs, Week Of Nov. 21st

November 21, 2008 3:41 AM | Simon Carless

In this round-up, we highlight some of the notable jobs posted in sister site Gamasutra's industry-leading game jobs section, including positions from RealNetworks, TimeGate Studios, Factor 5, and more.

Each job posted will appear on the main Gamasutra job board, and appear in the site's daily and weekly newsletters, reaching our readers directly.

It will also be cross-posted for free across its network of submarket sites, which includes content sites focused on online worlds, downloadable console games, cellphone games, independent games, 'serious games', and more.

Some of the notable jobs posted in each market area this week include:

Interview: Grundislav, Erin Robinson and Dave Gilbert

November 21, 2008 1:30 AM | Tim W.

Host Anthony Carboni reveals your pick for free indie game of the week, and politely asks his dinner guests to talk a little about their upcoming projects. (YouTube video)

Power Up: Adventure Games Roundtable (Bytejacker)

Freeware Game Pick: Night of the Cephalopods

November 20, 2008 10:02 PM | Tim W.

Night of the Cephalopods is a short action game created for the Artsy Games Incubator project, where players assume control over a man who is hounded by Lovecraftian creatures of the octopi type. Contact with these horrors causes your character to lose a little of his sanity, although mental health can be automatically restored by standing still in one spot for a few seconds.

Use the cursor keys to move, and press the space key to fire your shotgun or reload it. The game ends when our hero loses his mind completely, or when you manage to somehow survive until the break of dawn. (gameplay video)

Name: Night of the Cephalopods
Developer: Miguel Sternberg
Category: Action
Type: Freeware
Size: 10MB
Direct download link: Click here

Preview: Agatha Ragata (Oxeye Game Studio)

November 20, 2008 11:37 AM | Tim W.

A platformer in the style of And Yet It Moves, created by the guys who made Harvest: Massive Encounter.

Agatha Ragata (Oxeye Game Studio)

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