Metro Rules of Conduct is a game about public transportation, but not in the way you would normally expect it to be. Based on Kian's experiences of commuting in Stockholm, the game involves finding something to stare at during the idle time you will have waiting to arrive at your intended stop. Train seats are placed in such a manner that passengers would be facing each other to encourage social interaction, but it is the exact opposite that most people would do by avoiding eye contact whenever possible, and the developer has sought to simulate this feeling of discomfort by creating a game around it.

Use the cursor keys to look around, and stare discreetly at the accessories or pieces of clothing worn by the other passengers for points. Time is limited, so you will have to score as much as you can before reaching the final destination of your trip.

Name: Metro Rules of Conduct
Developer: Kian Bashiri
Type: Arcade
Type: Browser