Minotaur China Shop is a new physics-based time management game from the folks who made Off-Road Velociraptor Safari and Jetpack Brontosaurus. In it, players can choose either to serve the needs of their customers by fetching the goods they request for, or destroy as many fragile objects in the shop as they can before the local enforcement arrives to arrest our protagonist for misbehaviour.

Your hard-earned cash can be spent on stocking up shop inventory, advertising, more insurance coverage, improving physical abilities and even unlocking new moves at the start of each day. Each ability is assigned to a key, with the corresponding alphabet shown in small text at the bottom left corner of a symbol for every move. (launch video)

Name: Minotaur China Shop
Developer: Flashbang Studios
Category: Action
Type: Browser

Interview: Steve Swink (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)