4bidden Fruit is a stripped-down remake of Q Games' Pixeljunk Eden, coded with Java and measuring only a measly 4K in size. In it, you control a white Grimp which has the ability to jump and tether itself to plants of all shapes and sizes. The objective of the game is to collect all twenty golden crescents floating around the garden, using only the left mouse button and the cursor to direct your jumps and direction of travel. You may need to burst a couple of pollenballs as well, just to fertilize seeds and grow new plants that will help you reach crescents floating high above the ground and out of your reach.

No music or sound effects are included, but you can play any track from your mp3 collection in the background as a substitute. The game contains only one single garden to beat.

Name: 4bidden Fruit (alternate mirror)
Developer: Simon Hayles
Category: Action
Type: Browser

Left 4k Dead (Markus Persson)