You may or may not recall an entry into the recent Global Game Jam by a certain Petri Purho of Crayon Physics fame.

'4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness' was an extremely strange yet unique invention by which the user loaded the 'game' up and then simply sat and watched a bar fill up. If anyone else in the world booted the program up while you were 'playing', it would quit and you had lost. If, however, you managed to last the entire time as the sole user, you won.

Now Jonathan Basseri has created a tracker so players can follow exactly who is 'winning' at any time. Utilizing Google Maps and GeoCityLite, the current leader is displayed along with how far through the time they have achieved. When a new player enters the arena, the view is switched to them. And so on.

While being completely pointless, it's quite humourous to load both the program and this site up together and check from which part of the world your victory is being stolen.

The original game can be found over on Petri's blog, while the tracker is located over here.

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