Jumpman is a retro 2D platformer which has been in production for over a year, where a variety of gameplay elements such as level rotations, infinite repeating patterns and physics are introduced after every couple of stages. The controls will take some getting used to, as friction is nearly non-existent and will be the main cause for plenty of frustration when it comes to timing the jumps right.

Levels are grouped into paths, with your progress saved automatically once you've reached the start of each path. One neat trick implemented by the developer is that you can see the next few maps which you will have to play shown in the distant background, as if taunting you with the difficulties and obstacles that you have to face next.

A level editor and playground feature is included, should you find yourself craving for more platforming action after completing the main campaign. There are nine paths to play in total, and a special bonus can be unlocked by completing all challenges. The game is also available for both Windows and Mac platforms, while Linux users should be able to get it working under Wine. (source: Trame)

Name: Jumpman
Developer: Andi McClure
Category: Platformer
Type: Freeware
Size: 2MB
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (Wine)

Jumpman gameplay video