Exploit is a puzzle game about terrorism through hacking. By using ports to fire packets of data, the object of the game is to break the code and access the root node. Along the way you'll encounter many a hinderance, including blocker nodes, buffers and port keys.

The tutorial is the best place to start, as it explains the gameplay very nicely. Once you understand the core elements to the game, there's a brilliant Story Mode to play through as well as a Challenge Mode. Not only that, once you've managed to beat the 70+ puzzles available, you can even use the Puzzle Editor to create and share your own!

It's a great little game which very early on feels extremely complicated, yet once the solution has been identified, it exposes itself as actually quite a simple set-up which makes you feel rather clever from figuring it out.

Head on over to Kongregate and see if you can hack it.