Fruits of the Forest, created for the 7DRL for 2009, is a simple roguelike with few character stats, based around the idea of foraging food for the villagers in your town. Purple berries indicated by semicolons have to be collected and passed on to villagers in yellow to feed them, but watch out for the bandits who are roaming around the forest in search of wanderers to murder and loot.

The numeric keypad can be used to move your character, and pressing 5 makes him or her wait for one turn. This is useful when attempting to lure bandits into your path, as most healberries are placed at the far reaches of the map and combat damage from each melee encounter can be reduced to just one point with careful planning and execution. You can press the E key to consume a healberry and restore your hit points fully.

Doors can be opened by bumping into them, or closed by standing next to one and pressing the C key. There is no penalty incurred when a villager escapes from his or her home. The game does have a proper end screen, which is displayed once you've managed to feed all hungry villagers as indicated by the yellow counter on the left side of the screen.