Transmover is a platform puzzler based around the classic 'grab the key, take it to the door' scenario. Our little stickman can walk over obstacles which are just 1 block in height or depth, but to get past bigger problem areas, the zapper must be used.

When the zapper is fired at one of the moveable blocks in a level, our hero and said zapped block swap places. As I'm sure you can already tell, lots of puzzling ensues - and this game is no pushover. All together there are 20 'easy' levels, 20 medium and 20 hard and if you're planning on having a go at doing a full run-through, you might want to keep a few hours aside.

Transmover is great fun and is a prime example of how simple puzzling can be done. Play it now on the Polygon Gmen site.

Source: Logic Games