Dead Like Ants is another well-written IF adventure game created by Pacian, developer of Gun Mute and Snowblind Aces. In it, you play a young daughter who had been requested by the queen to carry out a special task for her majesty.

The game is rather short with only a handful of locations to explore and even less rooms containing actual puzzles, although some might point out that navigating the maze-like tree is a puzzle in itself. You can type EXITS into the parser to reveal all available passageways inside the room you are currently occupying, while keying in HINT allows you to access a flexible hints system that only reveals solutions to puzzles you have discovered during your journey. It shouldn't take more than half an hour to complete the entire adventure, but as with most of Pacian's releases there are a couple of amusing actions that you could try out by returning to the game after finishing the main quest for the first time.

Dead Like Ants is also playable on Linux and OS X, although you will need the right TADS interpreter for this purpose.