Pandora's Gearbox is a physics-based puzzle game in which players must work their way through darkness, finding paths and moving machinery. At your disposal is a small flying robot which can shine a light through the pitch-blackness, allowing you to see the surrounding walls. Using this source, a ball must be guided through a maze and into the drop zone.

There's a tutorial level to get you going and then 9 more levels on top of that, each even more difficult than the last. It's interesting to see just how much the lack of light is a factor in these puzzles - simple switch flipping, bridge building solutions become so much harder when you can't see what you're doing. The darkness is also used many times to completely hide whole sections of the puzzle, so solutions which at first seem impossible are following by 'Ohhhh!' as realisation sets in.

The game feels a little clumsy and sometimes the physics on levers and pulleys seems a little off, but this is brilliant, head-scratching fun and will eat away hours of your time if you let it. Download Pandora's Gearbox from IndieBird's Lair.

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