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Archive For March, 2009

Freeware Game Pick: A Death Foreordained (Micheal Lawrence)

March 9, 2009 9:00 PM | Tim W.

A Death Foreordained is another entry in RPGDX's Lofi RPG competition, the same contest which featured Sophie Houlden's The Linear RPG. Here you play as an agent who must travel back in time and join forces with the local resistance group to assassinate a political figure. The rebels have ordered two of their finest soldiers to follow you on your mission, doing their utmost to help you take out any enemy units encountered during infiltration.

Note that you can shoot at enemies using the W, A, S and D key.

Freeware Game Pick: Yellow Goo Love (Banov)

March 9, 2009 8:24 PM | Tim W.

The objective of Yellow Goo Love is to guide an elastic goo ball to the end position marked by a red flag, simply by using the mouse to launch it in a forward or upward trajectory motion. A new tile, rule or obstacle is introduced every few levels, although the game does end rather quickly since there are only a total of twenty stages to play in this build. (download page)

Browser Game Pick: A Typical Wednesday Afternoon (alillm)

March 9, 2009 8:17 PM | Tim W.

A Typical Wednesday Afternoon is a score-based vertical shooter with plenty of bullets to dodge and enemies to shoot at. Destroy enough enemy ships, and your weapon gets an automatic upgrade. Bombs can be used to clear a small area on screen for temporary invulnerability, but use sparingly as there are only three bombs available to you for the duration of the entire game.

The M key can be used to turn off music at any time.

Indie Game Pick: Impetuth (O-Games)

March 9, 2009 8:14 PM | Tim W.

Impetuth is an arcade game in the style of an old MSX release called UndeadLine, where the screen scrolls in a vertical direction automatically and you lose a life if you cannot keep up with the pace of the action. Treasure chests can be shot at using the Z key to reveal treasures or power-ups, while invisible chests are only revealed after being hit by your weapon several times. Save a couple of civilians or knights, and you will boost your defense and firepower by some margin.

Only the third level is playable in this trial version.

IndieCade 2009 Call for Submissions

March 9, 2009 8:06 PM | Tim W.

The very successful IndieCade showcase event is now accepting submissions for the 2009 tour, where everything from downloads to browser-based games, casual, mobile, mods and even art games can be submitted for consideration to be showcased at one of their upcoming roadshows. A list of upcoming event venues can be found at IndieCade's official site, and entries should be submitted before April 30th, 2009 in order to be eligible for selection by a jury panel consisting of industry veterans.

IndieCade open call for submissions

RGCD Discmag Boots Up Again

March 9, 2009 1:30 PM | Michael Rose

rgcd-front-cover.jpg After a year of silence from the guys over at RGCD, the discmag aimed at retro and indie gamers is back!

Headed by James Monkman and Chris Allcock, issue 5 covers the entirety of 2008 since they have been out of the loop for most of it. It contains tons of news, reviews, articles and little extras including emulators. Their featured game for this issue is ThrustBurst.

You can download the discmag over on the RGCD site - it comes in iso form, but if you're not sure how to use this type of file never fear! There's a handy explanation over on the site too.

If you like what you see, check out all the past issues - they're all archived at RGCD for your downloading pleasure.

Browser Game Pick: Death vs. Monstars (GameReclaim)

March 9, 2009 12:30 PM | Michael Rose


You know how sometimes you just want to put down the clever puzzle game and grab a dose of mindless shooting fun? Death vs. Monstars could fill that void. It's a Geometry Wars style blaster containing such silly gimmicks as 'Berserk Mode' and 'Bullet Time' and it's great fun.

Enemies spawn all over the screen and it's your job to destroy them and grab the plunder. Money can then be used to upgrade your little floating skull, making the killing easier. Of course, with each level the difficulty gets ramped up, so making use of the provided Berserk Mode (crazy firing all over the screen to wipe out all enemies present) and Bullet Time (take a wild guess) is essential.

It's even got a Boss battle to deal with at the end which is pretty challenging. So if you're looking for a nice, brain-dead way to pass the time, help Death beat those crazy Monstars over at Game Reclaim.

Preview: Today I Die (Daniel Benmergui)

March 9, 2009 10:58 AM | Michael Rose


Today I Die is Daniel Benmergui's latest project and he's now at the 'looking for a sponsor' stage meaning that it's probably coming rather soon!

Benmergui simply describes his new game as being "about the daily choice of waking up in the morning" and while there are no other details than this, his past work suggests that we should definitely look forward to it.

For now you'll have to make do with the soundtrack which he has made available, created by HernĂ¡n Rozenwasser. Head over to his Ludomancy blog to grab your copy.

Console Game Pick: percussONE (Metamoorephosis)

March 8, 2009 1:32 PM | Michael Rose


percussONE is a musical, multiplayer take on the classic Bejeweled-style game available for XNA Community Games on the Xbox 360. By flipping colours on a grid, the object of the game is to line up 3 or more in a row or column - of course, the more in the line, the bigger the score.

What sets it apart is the frantic nature of multiple players all trying to score combos on the same grid. Just playing 2-player is crazy enough, with shouts of 'Hey, you stole my line!' to players just going completely insane and roaming around the board randomly swapping tiles willy-nilly. percussONE supports up to 4-player grid-grinding and it can be pretty action-packed stuff, if a little frustrating at times.

Announcement: Dr. Dobbs Challenge Deuce Game Competition Launched

March 8, 2009 2:14 AM | Simon Carless

[Something I've worked on for a good few months now, and has just launched, is Dr. Dobbs Challenge Deuce, a commission from Microsoft for IndieGames' sister property Dr. Dobb's Journal. Notably, Adam Saltsman from Semi Secret Software (Wurdle for iPhone, Gravity Hook) co-created the game and level editor, and there's almost $10k in prizes for in-browser level modders and more hardcore Silverlight coders and artists - check the fun user-made levels already up.]

Gamasutra sister programming brand Dr. Dobb's Journal has launched Dr. Dobb's Challenge Deuce, a game competition from the world-renowned Dr. Dobb's website for software developers and Microsoft's Visual Studio.

This program builds on the success of the original Dobb's Challenge game competition, which debuted in March 2008, and allowed visitors to the site to download Windows and Windows Mobile source code and mod an existing game starring Dr. Dobbs and the 'Defy All Challenges' machinima crew to win up to $10,000.

The new Dr. Dobbs Challenge once again gives away almost $10,000, but switches things up by going in-browser. As one of the most advanced uses of Microsoft Silverlight technology to date, it allows full in-browser game play of an addictive platform title, again starring Dr. Dobbs and the machinima characters.

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