Ouch! is a ragdoll physics game developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch which looks like absolutely brilliant fun. Presented with a little person on the screen, the player tilts the device, causing him to fly about and smash into objects, walls and anything else that features in his trajectory line. He can also be knocked about my touching him, as too can objects around the world be interacted with in order to real him even more pain.

As if it wasn't enough to be able to give a man with no face immeasurable agony, you can even slot a picture of a friend's (or enemy's) face onto the little guy and have fun terrorizing them too!

Finally, the icing on the cake is that, as well as the 40 levels supplied, there is a level editor so that you can create your own worlds of hurt and then share them with your friends! Did I say that was the icing? No, the real icing is the price tag - a mere $2.99.

All looks like hilarious fun. According to the Hondune Games blog, it will be hitting the App Store soon. For now, watch the gameplay trailer above. I personally have not seen a more fantastic sight than that of a grinning boy being struck down by two racing cars.