After we reported about the World's First Remote Controlled Internet Battle RCTiger earlier this week, the RCTiger team emailed us with some free credits to give it a go. Of course, it was impossible to refuse - I mean, would you turn down driving toy tanks around and blasting each other?

So Tim and I took to the battlefield. Driving the Snow Lion, it was a pretty interesting experience. With a ping of 250, the controls were seriously laggy but it wasn't impossible to compensate for this with early button presses. The tanks turn very quickly and it was sometimes hard to aim in the exact direction I wanted, but overall I could generally get where I wanted to go. Tim seemed to be having even worse problems with the lag, but again he was getting by fine.

Firing off the cannon provides a lovely BOOM noise and, if successful, a hit causes the enemy tank to rock around as if it had just been struck. Both Tim and I spent about half of the 5 minutes rolling around shooting at each other before we began exploring. The field is pretty empty at the moment but there's definitely enough space to drive around in.

Of course, I had a ticklist of things I wanted to achieve during those 5 minutes and, being as immature as I am, quite a few of those points included ramming myself into things. I rammed Tim's tank, random scenery and eventually, with 20 seconds left, managed to get myself stuck on a bunch of trees. Oops.

We had a good (if a little short) time playing RCTiger and I personally would definitely give it another play. For anyone who wants to have a go themselves, they are having a free weekend with lots of complimentary sessions going on - you need to get in early to secure your spot though. The free playtimes can be found on the main page of the RCTiger site.