About a week ago I began trying out a new release by Subsoap called Faerie Solitaire. It's one of those 'does exactly what it says on the tin' titles - this is Solitaire. With fairies.

Lame, huh? I can play Solitaire for free, it came with Windows! And fairies? No, I knew straight off that this was not going to be a highlight of my week. So begs the question... why can't I stop playing the damn thing?

I honestly cannot work it out, but it's rather addictive. Assuming you understand the rules of Solitaire already, the aim in Faerie Solitaire is to clear as many cards as possible, so as to gather enough magical power to release a fairy from its tiny, glass prison. There's some silly gimmicks here and there, including thorns which need removing in order to access certain cards and fireballs to de-ice others, but other than that, it really is just the original game with pretty pictures of elves and wizards all over the cards.


Oh, there's also a 'find all the items hidden in this picture before the time runs out' minigame now and again too - again, sounds boring, yet so strangely compelling...

There's also so much to do! There's a main story mode in which you need to play through over 300 hands to succeed, with special unlockable powers to make the going easier. Then there's a challenge mode with set hands which is pretty difficult and, of course, there's the Quickplay mode to get you straight into a game. Lastly, tons of stats and achievements track your every move and you can check them all out in full.

I would honestly recommend Faerie Solitaire as something to do when you're a bit bored... if it wasn't for the price tag - a rather steep $19.95. As I've said quite a few times already, this really is just a pimped-out version of Solitaire and there's already hundreds of *free* versions of it dotted around the interwebs, so to ask $20 for yet another clone is simply too much.

If it was, say, $9.99, I would actually consider it. Maybe at some point Subsoap will consider a price drop, but for now I'd advise you wait for the demo. Even if you aren't into card games and fairies... although I didn't think I was either. Please don't judge me. I'm fragile.