In Pizza City, you play the role of a delivery boy who has to help Uncle Tony distribute five hundred tasty pizzas to his customers around all parts of the town. This requires going back and forth between Tony's pizza place and the destination of each delivery, with occasional stops at the gas station to fill up the fuel tank of your car.

Money earned from completing jobs can be used to purchase newer rides, which will come in handy when you require more space to store multiple pizza orders. Be mindful of civilians and other vehicles while driving on the road though, as crashing into them could damage the pizzas in your car, incur a score penalty or even attract attention from the cops.

The game ends if you lose all of your job security from delivering stale pizzas or getting caught in the act of vehicular homicide, but you can restore the faith your manager has in you by making delivery milestones and climbing up the ranks. (gameplay video)