Similar to Joakim's The Legend of Princess, Ivory Springs is an incomplete project that is short on length but packs enough content to entertain for about half an hour or so. The game is an enjoyable exploration platformer which features great background art and sprite designs, a catchy soundtrack, directional shooting, Mega Man-type slides, and memorable boss fights.

There is a special guest appearance included as a surprise, but if you haven't been following konjak's work for a while now you'd probably wouldn't even notice her cameo.

In case fullscreen mode doesn't work properly and 2x resolution isn't centered on your screen, try this method:

- switch to 2x
- right-click on your Windows desktop
- select display properties
- choose another desktop resolution (maybe 800 x 600)
- switch back to your original resolution

The game window should now be centered with 2x resolution mode enabled. Press Alt and F4 to quit at any time.