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Archive For May, 2009

Preview: Shift-4 (Armor Games)

May 14, 2009 11:50 AM | Michael Rose

Coming May 19th, Shift-4 is a platforming puzzler with a twist. Well... it's more of a flip.

And for all you iPhone/iPod Touch lovers out there, Armor Games will also be releasing the original Shift game through the Apple App Store on the same day for free! You can't say no to that really, can you?

Freeware Game Pick: SHEEP! (Alexander Shen)

May 14, 2009 11:28 AM | Michael Rose


SHEEP! is a simple yet addictive card game which is great for wasting a few spare minutes. Sheep cards are placed down 3 at a time with 3 fence cards underneath. The objective is to uses the fence cards to box in the sheep as efficiently as possible.

Fence cards with the same or higher number than a sheep card will remove that card - however, there's only a set number of fence cards, so trying to use as low numbered fence cards as possible is the main tactic. Cancelling out a sheep card with a fence card of the same number will also get you bonus points.

I'm sure I've seen this type of card game before but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Alex describes it as a "sheep-y version of Solitaire" but I don't think it's Solitaire exactly... If anyone has any ideas, feel free to put me out of my misery.

Download SHEEP! over at Shen Games.

Interstellar Marines Community Site Launch

May 13, 2009 12:16 PM | Michael Rose

Zero Point Software have been working on Interstellar Marines for quite some time now with little word on how it's all going. The last trailer for their upcoming FPS, Sci‐fi, action and adventure game was released waaay back in 2006.

Now a new update to the official site is coming this Friday which will add a community 'enlistment' feature. There's no word on whether this will be a simple community site or something more - for example, beta sign up - nor is there any update on a release date.

Set in the future, it will feature singleplayer or up to four players cooperative, custom game modes featuring arcade, RPG and tactical elements, a "captivating storyline with heavy focus on realism" and non‐linear gameplay.

It looks like graphically Interstellar Marines is shaping up rather well - well, that's from the 3 seconds of gameplay footage in the above recently released trailer. If you're looking to get more of a feel for the game, try the original trailer.

Be sure to check out the site on Friday for what's going down.

Preview: Critter Crunch (Capy)

May 13, 2009 10:57 AM | Michael Rose

Extremely odd trailer ahoy! Critter Crunch by Toronto-based developer Capy is coming this summer to the Playstation Network and the team have just released the above trailer for it.

Critter Crunch is to be an arcade-puzzler based around "an original and award-winning "food chain" puzzle mechanic, which is all about feeding critters into each other until they burst.".

It'll be single-player, multiplayer and co-op, with lots of lovely trophies for you people who crave shiny things. Check out the Capy site for all the info.

Browser Game Pick: Miracle Witch (Nigoro)

May 12, 2009 12:41 PM | Tim W.

In Miracle Witch you assume the role of an apprentice magic caster named Polfe, chosen by her peers for a quest to defeat the evil king Yeah Walusa and his invading party of monsters. This involves going around the island dispatching creatures, acquiring new spell books and searching for treasures to loot.

Health is regained automatically by standing still at one spot for a period of time, and switching spells is possible by clicking on any spell book at the bottom of the screen. Players start out with the basic magic missile spell, but can unlock flame, ice and lightning spells by opening treasure chests that contain magical tomes within them.

Note that a couple of treasure chests are invisible at first, and will only appear once you've fulfilled certain requirements. Some trees can also be burnt with the flame spell as well. There are two control schemes to choose from, and you can select between them by pressing the space key at any time. (video tutorial)

Aztaka Demo Available For One Day

May 12, 2009 12:36 AM | Michael Rose


Citeremis' Aztaka was released just under a week ago and we all cried out for a demo so we could do the whole 'try before you buy'.

So would you believe wishes sometimes do come true! There's a demo available right now... but only for one day right now, since it's a 'Release Candidate' and the final demo will be coming soon! So grab it while you can. [EDIT: Explained the one-day DL issue!]

Zeno Clash Gets Garried Away

May 11, 2009 11:53 PM | Michael Rose


ACE Team promised free DLC for Zeno Clash in the future and so here goes with the first hit. It's Zeno Clash... in Garry's Mod!

The 'Zeno Clash model pack' features 49 character models, 14 creature models and 8 weapon models from the game to play around with. I've personally got quite a thing for the old Gmod, so I'm looking forward to giving Ghat's face a little... surgery.

GDC Austin Expands Advisory Board, Adds Indie/iPhone Game Summits

May 11, 2009 10:04 PM | Simon Carless

[Overall, here's news from our GDC colleagues about the expanded GDC Austin board. But you'll also note that it confirms a new Indie and iPhone Game Summits for the show this September - watch out for lots more news on this next week.]

GDC Austin organizers have announced an expanded Advisory Board for the 'connected gaming'-centric September event, adding Nexon, SOE and EA/Mythic notables to the filled-out board.

The event, to be held September 15th-18th, 2009 at the Austin Convention Center in Texas, has added advisory board members including Nexon's Min Kim (MapleStory), EA/Mythic's Eugene Evans (Warhammer Online), Sony Online Entertainment's John Blakely (DC Universe Online), and Hangout Industries and former Disney exec Mike Goslin (Pirates Of The Caribbean Online), as well as Schell Games' Sheri Graner Ray.

They join existing board members such as BioWare Austin's Rich Vogel and Gordon Walton (Star Wars: The Old Republic) Metaplace's Raph Koster and Zenimax Online Studios' Matt Firor.

"The online gaming space continues to change and expand. GDC Austin addresses the latest trends and challenges in connected gaming," commented event director Izora de Lillard in relation to the appointments and the main portion of GDC Austin, which will take place Wed-Fri, September 16th-18th.

In addition, GDC Austin will feature both existing and new 2-day Summits. Firstly, the Game Audio and Game Writer Summits will continue their long-running association with Austin.

It's also been revealed for the first time that two new Summits - an iteration of the breakout successful Independent Games Summit and the newly introduced iPhone Game Summit, will also debut on September 15-16, 2009.

Initial advisory board, lecture and submission details for the Indie and iPhone Games Summits at Austin will be revealed next week.

Online registration for GDC Austin opens in early June, and for more information on GDC Austin and the advisory board, interested parties can visit the official GDC Austin website.

Preview: Shank (Klei Entertainment)

May 11, 2009 9:23 PM | Tim W.

A preview clip taken from their early alpha build of Shank, Klei Entertainment's (of Eets fame) upcoming 2D action platformer. No news about dates or release platforms yet, but judging from the control scheme seen in the first few seconds of the video the game is probably made with the Xbox 360 console in mind.

First Shank Preview (The Shank Blog)

Indie Developers! Make Some Money! Now!

May 10, 2009 10:33 AM | Michael Rose


Both Newgrounds and GameJolt could be making you some cash right now, just for creating games. OK, so you're not going to become a millionaire from making 'Attack of the Flash Game 4', but every little helps, right?

TIGSource spotted Newgrounds' new Revenue Share scheme which, while it has been around for a while now, is now open to all users. Users can earn ad revenue from posting up games, audio samples and even a blog onto Newgrounds! Cashback!

Of course, not everyone does Flash. Gamejolt is a fairly new independent gaming site which deals with not only Flash games but freeware too. Their new Ad Revenue Sharing plan will go into closed beta very soon, at which time every member who has signed up to the site and uploaded at least one game will go into a hat to join the beta and start earning a whopping 50% of the ad monies.

And that applies to the people who don't get into the beta too! Every developer who signs up right now will "get 50% of the ad revenue from your games... for life!" according to the Gamejolt site.

Again, don't expect to become wildly rich off of any of these schemes, but still... it's cash, right?

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