Shocker: The Electrifying Super Hero is a puzzle game created by Alexitrón for Game Jolt's Shocking contest, where you are in control of a hero entrusted with the job of saving the planet from a major technology-related disaster. Each area has several blue nodes and a yellow exit point, with your objective being to reach the escape portal without accidentally sliding out of the screen.

Players can only travel in four different directions, and once an arrow key is pressed our protagonist will continue moving in that direction until he hits a solid object. There is an additional flip ability which you can use to change positions, although this is only possible when you're standing on either a blue or pink-coloured block.

The length of the game is rather short, with only ten stages to play in story mode. Players could attempt to solve all levels a second time with fewer moves, but nothing extra is awarded other than a different congratulatory message for your achievements.