James Whitehead, creator of Satan Sam, and Alex Sumersai-Rai together make up indie development team Boss Baddie! and their latest release 'Lunnye Devitsy' is now available for purchase from their site.

James explains:

"Lunnye is a mystery/puzzle platformer. You play as a little alien that falls off the moon and you have to make your way back. But it's a lot tougher than it sounds, take it from me, I'm the one who made it!"

Created as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the moon landings, the game is available for $3.20. The video above shows each of Boss Baddie's releases, with Lunnye Devitsy going first. I'll hopefully get around to giving it the once through sometime soon and portray my thoughts to you, dear readers.

It's also worth noting that James is giving his first game, Satan Sam, a 'major upgrade' and releasing a new, free version of it sometime this year. You can still download and play the original version from here.