Cube Colossus is a lovingly polished shmup created by Fandrey and Azrael (who have recently formed a dev team together called Lucidrine). It tells the story of a girl's search for her twin sister, battling her way through hordes of killer Cubes.

Developed over the course of 8 months, it's a great piece of work. The ship is controlled via the mouse, with aiming automatically positioned (although small adjustments can be made using the WASD keys). It has all the makings of a classic space shooter - dozens of levels, tons of upgrades and a silly little story to go with it. If only the dialogue wasn't so broken, this would be a nigh on perfect shooter in my opinion.

Give it a go at Newgrounds, but just be aware - it could well eat a couple of hours of your life. I know it gobbled mine down.