Jeremy Spillmann is a game design graduate of the Zürich School of the Arts, and August Wind is his Bachelor project. Described as a 'free-roaming shooter', a prototype is available for download.

What struck me first was the incredible art style - it's a joy to watch in motion. I also loved the idea that Jeremy put forward as his concept - 'a shmup that lets you decide how to spend your valuable time each day to be successful'.

The story goes as follows: a badger named Andreas travels to Eelhaven VII, dreaming of a life of fame and recognition. Teaming up with Penelope, 'a seasoned but luckless eelminer', they participate in the eelmining competition in which pilots 'harvest valuable metal from the old world below the thick skylayer off the backs of majestic cloudeel'.

Crazy stuff. It's still in prototype form, so the missions and general storyline are missing as of yet - however there's still a rather large area to explore and a good number of activities to participate in. Grab it from the August Wind site.