Nandrew's Onslaught of the Electric Zombies shares a number of similarities with the classic Windows game, but also introduces a couple of new rules and items that encourages more strategic planning than a usual Minesweeper session. You start each game with a hundred energy points, which will be depleted very quickly by the zombies that you encounter while searching for an exit point. Once the exit has been found, you can use the next level button to progress or attempt to uncover all tiles in the area for a special level bonus. Any remaining energy points will carry over to the next round, and you will also gain at least ten bonus energy points for advancing a level.

Occasionally you will discover items that can be stored in your item slots. There are eight stages to beat, and you can choose to defeat the zombie king in the final level or just retire with a lower score after you've discovered the exit point. Note that the king will inflict a hundred points of damage just by clicking on him, and the only way to beat him is to survive his attack head-on first.

Windows only. (download link)