Paul Moose In Space World is an adventure game featuring a world made (and hand drawn) entirely out of paper and pens. It's an absolutely fantastic concept and well worthy of the second prize it received in the Game Jolt Axiom Contest.

The whole experience has a very 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' feel to it, from the situations Paul finds himself in to the dialogue. It's pretty short - there are literally around 6 or 7 actions needed to complete the game - but it's all about the mix of style and laughs over anything taxing. It's those little details too - for example, when Paul finally meets the aliens, they are made out of what appears to be Plasticine (or something along those lines), which in Paul's world is of course very alien to him indeed.

It's a little buggy in places (the inventory screen in particular - you'll want to aim slightly up and to the left to select items) but it's still highly enjoyable while it lasts. Grab it from Game Jolt.