Some major news if you've been following the development of Derek Yu's Spelunky for a while now. The official site for Spelunky was revealed to the public today, and with it comes the release of version 1.0 of Spelunky for Windows.

Derek also announces that Spelunky will be coming out on the Xbox Live Arcade download service sometime in 2010. The XBLA version isn't just a straight port - fans can expect new graphics, audio, and even bonus features (additional items, monsters, special modes and achievements) not found in the Windows version.

Not to worry, long-time fans of the free PC version. The Windows build will still be available as a free download and continues to be supported by the author even after the release of Spelunky on the XBLA.

Get all the info you need from Spelunky World, and check out the forums while you are there.