Normally free downloadable games would come under the 'Freeware Game Pick' category, but I'm making an exception for RunMan: Race Around the World. Yes, it may be free to download, but to be perfectly honest, it is your DUTY to throw your money at Tom and Matt.

Simply put, RunMan is utterly fantastic. The whole experience comprises of pelting it through zone after zone of levels which look like they were draw in MS Paint with the biggest size brush, bouncing off walls, smashing through bricks and baddies and then picking up a medal at the end depending on how fast you were and how much stuff you crashed into. All the while a glorious mixture of folk, blues and jazz accompanies the action, somehow perfectly complimenting the hilarity.

And that's just the basics down. Each zone map is set out like a SNES-era Mario title, while the gameplay itself manages to feel like some mad cross between said plumber and that blue hedgehog of yore. Then each level itself has 3 different medals to achieve - a bronze, silver and gold - the latter of which requires complete control and concentration to master. Oh, and the game saves ghost runs of your performances which you can then race against. And there are boss levels too.

What I'm trying to say here is, I'm only up to zone 4 and I'm already wondering to myself... could this possibly turn out to be Indie Game of the Year? Grab it from Tom Sennett's site (for free or otherwise) and decide for yourself. Oh, and if you don't like it, it most likely means you're allergic to fun. You should see a doctor about that. (Main download page)