A short interview with the developers responsible for Nicalis' upcoming WiiWare release, La-Mulana. Naramura and Samejima discusses about getting the difficulty right for the game, and how music will be remixed for the new version.

The second video (after the cut) was also recorded at the same TGS event that the Nigoro team attended, where Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert talks about their upcoming PSN release Pixeljunk Shooter and Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP. (source: Jeriaska, GameSetWatch)

In the extended is also a presentation by Phil Fish about Power Pill, a collaborative iPhone project between Polytron and Infinite Ammo. This one was recorded at the Pecha Kucha event in Montreal recently.

Dylan Cuthbert on Q-Games Audio

Pecha Kucha Montreal - Phil Fish