The Death of Games are a team of five from DigiPen, and Kabloom is a project they developed over eight months. It's a short game in which an elephant living on a floating set of islands attempts to breathe life into her dying habitat by planting trees and nurturing them to health.

A very sandbox experience, players can suck in water and seeds (amongst other things) with their trunk, then spit them back out. You'll also need to stomp the ground, readying it for planting. Each tree successfully grown will spout fruit, and once all 6 fruit are collected, the game pans out to display your creation. There is no way to die - it's simply a slow and calm playtoy.

A word of warning: the download is 80MB in size, so this isn't one to play at work! Grab it from the DigiPen site. The trailer is below the cut.