Hopefully you are more than aware that the beta for Terry's gravity-bending VVVVVV is now available to those who show their support and donate to his cause. If not, details are here and here. Whether you decide to throw some moolah his way, there's no two ways about it - VVVVVV is a vvvvvvanderful thing.

While I'm going to hold off on writing a full review until the main release, it really must be said that every time I see this game, it gets better and better. The beta features the majority of the game with nearly all the worlds and a fantastic 'overworld' to link them all together. The overworld map looks and feels very Metroid-like, apart from one big point - since your character doesn't gather special abilities or anything that can be used to overcome special obstacles, each world can be tackled in any order you'd like.

Each world, too, has its own special mechanics that sets it apart from the others, although I won't go into detail and throw spoilers everywhere. Long story short, it helps keep the formula fresh and it's genuinely exciting to see what the next area will throw at you. Of course, to find all the worlds you'll need to go exploring, which is again incredibly good fun.


And that music - just wow. Every single one of SoulEye's chiptune tracks are utterly hairs-stand-up-on-back-of-neck fantastic - just check out the main theme tune here and you'll see what I mean. The tunes are a huge part of the whole package, giving it that extra something - turning it to 11, if you will.

Terry's hoping to have VVVVVV out by the end of the year and you'd probably be on the right lines to guess at a $10 price tag. Of course, if you must have it RIGHT NOW, $20 will get you in on the beta.