Debuted last week at Canadian Zine fair Canzine, the Torontron is an arcade cabinet that was retrofitted to play six games created by independent developers from Toronto. Local indie games advocacy group The Hand Eye Society constructed the master work and showed it off at the event's Artcade portion, hosting a Q&A on how to go make your own similar machine.

The Torontron's six installed games includes Miguel Sternberg's Night of the Cephalopods, Jph Wacheski's lockOn 2, Rosemary Moscoe's Albacross, Jim McGinley's Mondrian Provoked, BananasInPajammers' Monster Puncher, and Team Entelechynt's Heavy Weather.

As Mathew Kumar noted in his round-up of the indie titles, all of the games have simple, accessible controls, as the arcade cabinet only has a joystick and two buttons. The easy controls also helped portray Toronto's indie development scene as accessible to those who tried out the machine.

The Hand Society plans to bring the Torontron to game developer/enthusiast event Gamercamp on November 21st. The group is also taking suggestions for possible places to setup the arcade cabinet and make the indie titles available to play for free.

[Via Jim Munroe]