Created for the Game.Dev 'Coherence' competition, ArGeeBee is Rodain's attempt at splicing three different genres together. Supplied with three different little men, the green guy must use his match-3 skills to forge a path for the red who uses his vague RPG skills to kill baddies who are the same level as him, level up and defeat the boss. The blue can then use his platforming abilities to reach the goal.

It's definitely not as simple as that though - in fact, by merging those three genres, he's finished up with a puzzler. On each level, there is always a specific order in which the three heroes need to be moved and each must help the others out. It's also possible for each to not completely finish their mission fully, as long as there are enough lives available on that level.

It's pretty short with 5 tutorial levels + 15 main missions, but still definitely worth your time. Download from this forum thread.