Dungeons of Fayte is yet another wonderful entry into the TIGSource Assemblee Competition, which Brent describes as 'a non-linear, replayable RPG/Sim' which is 'a mash-up between Zelda: Four Swords and Princess Maker'.

A 1-4 player monster-battler, there is an insane amount of content here, and with it a lot of replay value. Players spend time building up their stats by doing farm work/guard duty/visiting the pub, then set out on a quest at the end of each month to beat up green blobs and undead skeletons. I've not tried out the multiplayer element (players sharing a keyboard/controllers on a single computer) but as far as the single-player is concerned, definitely give it a go.

Credits for the sound/graphics can be found in the TIGforum thread, while the game can be downloaded from YoYo Games. If you don't want to install the YoYo Games plugin, just select 'Download this game now!' from the right sidebar.