Madness is a seven-day project that explores the theme of insanity in a roguelike very well, where players take on the role of an adventurer who has to descend ten dungeon floors and defeat the evil Dungeon Master residing at the lowest level. If you enjoy light roguelikes, then this is definitely one game that you should download just for the concept alone.

Everything after this point is spoiler territory, and it is recommended that you try the game out yourself instead of having me reveal all of the surprises that you might encounter during your adventures here. (Windows/Linux, 1.58MB)

In Madness you have a sanity meter that counts down after every couple of moves, but you can replenish it by drinking a potion of sanity if you have one in your possession. Weapons and armor can be equipped, and you will need to light torches and lamps regularly to illuminate your surroundings.

When your sanity is low, you will begin to imagine things. Instead of fighting the usual array of rats, goblins and dragons, players may have to do battle with odd creatures like butterflies, flying spaghetti monsters and unicorns (both pink and robotic varieties). Occasionally you may even come across one of your brethen, but the state of their mind is more likely to cause concern rather than bring a sense of comfort.

I don't know what happens when the sanity counter reaches zero, but you do get some really trippy effects when your adventurer is very close to losing his mind.