A disclaimer before I begin: everything written here is to the best of my knowledge. I don't speak Japanese so most of the stuff I'm going to mention will be based on guesses or assumptions, plus I'm sure someone will correct me later if any of this information is wrong. Murigee holds a friendly game development competition every month(?) with a different theme for participants to create their Flash or Java-based games on, and when the submission date has passed all entries will be posted on the front page of Mogera.jp for everyone to play. The theme they've selected had always yielded some interesting entries in the past, with the last three themes being 'ball/orb', 'Final Fantasy' and 'farming' if I remember correctly.

Getnews.jp has a list of all thirty-two entries from the Olympics-themed competition, but since I've played just about everything I could get working on my PC I shall present some of my favorites here. Pictured above is Tansio's Hyper Morinpic, a physics-based stacking game which calls for the player to launch athletes into the air and land them on the top of the bowl for points. Nothing really spectacular, but it will definitely elicit a laugh or two if you enjoy these sort of distractions. You can play Hyper Morinpic here, or hit the extended for four more entries to look at.

The second game we're going to highlight is called Hyper Ceremony, a podium event in which you score points by holding down the left mouse button while standing on any of the moving platforms. Your athlete will jump if you just tap on the action button, and the type of coin awarded is based on which position of the podium you're currently occupying when flashing the victory sign at the spectators.

Hyper OlympoX is a bit of a button-masher, since players are required to do a lot of it to beat away opponents who are trying to hug our protagonist into submission. Tap the left mouse button quickly to swing the hammer, and win the game by knocking back a one hundred athletes who all seem to have a thing for you.

SKT's submission is an odd one, but the idea of it definitely warrants a mention. In it you play an athlete who has to do all six olympic events at the same time, but because most of the text is in Japanese it can be difficult to tell which event you've excelled in and which are the ones that you could have done better at. Just mash the button and your athlete will begin... doing stuff.

This next game is called Olympics Squared, and it is from our very own Joseph White (or lexaloffle, developer of Swarm Racer). In this Murigee entry, players are presented with three events in which they have to multiply their athlete by pressing the left mouse button at the right time, then use the same button again to execute an action that is relevant to the event. Points are awarded based on how many of your athletes are successful in each event.

Next up (possibly): Vector demystified?