Mamono Sweeper is a unique take on the classic puzzle game included with nearly every single release of Windows, where mines are replaced with monsters and you now have RPG-like character stats to keep track of. You gain experience points by defeating monsters, although players will start to receive damage if they take on an enemy that is of a higher level than them.

Similar to Minesweeper, the numbers indicate the sum of every monster's level in the surrounding squares. With a bit of deduction you can easily pick out the location of low-level monsters that can be fought without losing any hit points. A table at the bottom of the page contains information on the five types of monsters that populate the board. You can use the A or D keys to mark tiles, and clicking on an enemy that is already defeated will reveal the number underneath it.

The huge and extreme versions of Mamono Sweeper are also available to play online, where the number of high-level monsters had been increased to make the game a bit more challenging for Minesweeper veterans. (source: Nekogames)