A documentary following indie developers and gathering their thoughts on the "creative process" on making games is currently being filmed.

Similar to the film concept "You Meet The Nicest People Making Videogames" from a few months ago (which unfortunately doesn't appear to be on course to meet the target pledge), Indie Game: The Movie is set to feature a variety of well-known indie gaming figures and document the way their projects and ways of life reflect the indie gaming scene as a whole.

The teaser trailer above features Edmund McMillen (Gish, Super Meat Boy), and can also be found over on the Kickstarter page (if anyone knows how to embed Kickstarter videos, please let me know!) that's definitely worth watching. If $15,000 is pledged by July 20th, the film will be a go-go, so if any of this interests you, make sure you throw some cash their way.

There's a couple more teaser videos just after the cut.