Entanglement is a great little puzzler involving hexagons and lots of twisty paths. An orange line leads out of the centre piece, and your job is to create a path from there that goes for as long as possible without hitting a wall.

Pieces can be rotated via the mouse wheel or arrow keys, then placed down with a click. It's possible to create some weird and wonderful paths, winding all over the place. Apart from the basic mode, there is also Two Tile Tangle, which I assume means there are two orange paths to deal with, although I wasn't good enough to unlock it, since I'm clearly thick (UPDATE: I did it, yippee! You get a spare tile in TTT mode, and can switch between the two). There are some lovely local multiplayer options too, with games available for up to six players.

A lovely, addictive time-waster, this one. Go give it a bash. (Thanks Todd!)