Teppoman 2 is a 2D action platformer that puts you in control of a caped assassin with a craving for bananas, specifically the brown-coloured ones which can only be found inside a heavily-fortified base under the command of a white-hooded man.

Our trained killer has a number of specialized skills that could be used to navigate around traps and silence unsuspecting enemies, plus he can also utilize all manner of ranged weapons when the situation calls for it. Players have to learn how to execute dash, wall jumps, reverse jumps, glide, body surf, and more if they plan to make it further into the enemy's fortress.

There is a boss battle in every fifth stage, and you're only allowed to continue playing after beating the boss challenge if you manage to meet the banana collection requirements. For example, to pass the fifth level you would need to have five bananas in your possession, and playing level eleven and onwards require a minimum of fifteen bananas.

A beta build of Teppoman 2 (previously called Teppomanto) was released in late 2008. This new release (version 1.0) contains more content, levels, and cutscenes not included in the previous build. To download the game, just click on the second link inside the green table on this page. The original Teppoman can also be download from that list - simply scroll down under you find the link marked with the date '03/05/05'.